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Lets get one thing straight right now, My Real Name is Bear. Bear Grylls real name is Edward. End Point.


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Who Is This Dude?

Good Question! Who is the Wild West Explorer? I am just a normal guy who has relied on the outdoors and nature to improve his life. My name is Bear Gallagher-Cole and I can’t wait to explore with you! Many of my best memories, scariest experiences, and biggest epiphanies have been directly influenced by time exploring outdoors.

I am not a professional athlete or a Thru-Hiker. I am not going to be scaling huge cliff walls, or teaching you how to live out of your van full time. I am a normal guy, with a beautiful wife and kids. I have owned multiple companies, and work full time (if not more). I am sharing the type of information that other normal folks with jobs and limited time to explore can use to enjoy the outdoors. A multi-day backpacking trip is something I can sneak in once or twice a year, but most of the time it is a day hike and a few nights car camping. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can take advantage of time outdoors to exercise, re-center, relax, spend time with friends and family, and escape the hustle of everyday life. 

This is why the name is Wild West Explorer. Not because I only explore the Wild West, but because I live in Northern Arizona so most of my adventures happen in the Southwest – close to home. I hope to share some other adventures too, when I have the time to travel.

Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Exploring, Road Tripping – all of these things have been a huge part of my life, and without being over dramatic have saved my life more than once. It comes up quite a bit, but I grew up in the Grand Canyon National Park. Living and going to school 5 minutes from the rim of one of the Natural Wonders of the World influenced me in ways I never knew until I was older.

I made my first trek to the bottom of the Grand Canyon at 6 months old. I didn’t do much of the work on that trip. I have been to the bottom over 100 times, ridden out on mule in white out blizzards, rode the majority of the Colorado River when I was 12 years old, and spent many a birthday or holiday at Phantom Ranch. I didn’t know that was unique, it was just a part of normal life. As a kid a normal vacation was 2 weeks in kayaks white water rafting, or a trip into the woods with my dad where we had to gather and catch our own food. We were not quite the resort type of family.

As a Middle and High School student I have to admit, it was boring! A hike to the bottom was a normal way to spend time with friends, but when I graduated High School I left for the big city. I ended up becoming a Professional DJ and Musician and working clubs, corporate events, bars, and even held residencies in Scottsdale Arizona and Las Vegas. Not quite the outdoor lifestyle 🙂

Every time life was overwhelming me, or I just had some free time I found myself hiking, camping, and exploring. It is hard to explain, but I could just feel how big of a part of me the outdoors and nature had always been. I love nothing more than sharing that part of me with my family. Teaching them, and exploring with them…..just like my parents did with me. 

It is so important to me to spread the message of enjoying and preserving nature, that I spend my spare time sharing info right here and on social media.

If you are an adventurer like me, and have some great ideas, want to contribute to one of my sites or Instagram accounts, or just chat it up about a trail.

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What I Offer You

Hello Explorers, I am an avid outdoorsman and explorer. As the Wild West Explorer, I document my adventures through writing, photos, video, and much more.

With additional experience as a Certified Wilderness First Responder I want to help you learn how to adventure and spend time outdoors safely. I’ve earned degrees in Web & Graphic Design and Audio Engineering & Multimedia, consequently my skill set is more diverse than most outdoors explorer types. I use these skills to share information with you in unique and artistic ways. Lastly, I am a ACE Certified Personal Trainer with knowledge of exercise science and experience as an athlete.

As the Wild West Explorer I offer you a suite of knowledge and adventures that will motivate you to spend time outdoors, live a healthy life, gear up, prepare for the future, and learn how to explore with your friends and family.

What I Do Not Offer You

I Do Not Just Offer You Directions and Information about the specific trails, campgrounds, and places I explore. I will feature something from time to time, but I want to motivate you to Explore. Many outdoor types online give the breakdown of every trail they hike, where they stayed, how to do it yourself. At Wild West Explorer we have a motto – “You Gotta Earn This”. 

Growing up in the Grand Canyon National Park and in many an outdoor touristy hot spot – I can’t tell you how sad I get to see a trail or swimming hole wrecked. I hate the silence of the forest drowned out by a NASCAR race of off road vehicles.  I want to motivate you to Explore, but even more than that I hope I can portray how important nature is to our spirituality and existence. I hope I show you how to journey out and enjoy the outdoors safely and in balance with your environment.


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The Mission

“My mission is to motivate others to enjoy the outdoors, become self reliant and prepared, and get excited about exploring!”

Many people have lost their link with the outdoors, nature, and what it means to survive. I am Bear Gallagher Cole the Wild West Explorer and I have one goal, to rebuild that link. The goal is to reconnect you with the beauty and importance of nature and survival.

How can this be done? Well I use a combination of techniques.

  • Motivation: By writing about the outdoors, sharing my hikes and camping adventures, and survival tips, I will motivate you to get up go outside and try the same. I use this site, YouTube, Books, and much more to get you motivated.
  • Vision: For the visually stimulated I take photos and videos, meant to motivate others to explore. I also share tips about photography, video, audio, and things I have learned out of necessity to make them not suck.
  • Learning: I build courses, classes, videos, and lectures all with a core goal of learning what it means to be an explorer. As a survivalist and prepper I also share knowledge that will help you survive everyday situations, disasters, and even out in the wilderness.
  • Fitness: First, I know that when it comes to being an explorer, and someone who is prepared for anything, you have to be not only mentally, but physically prepared. I spent years creating the Wild West Survival Fitness Academy to help people just like you build Well Rounded fitness that prepares you for anything.

My focus on beginners and those that are new to the outdoors and survival is part of my motivation. I want to share my deep love of hiking, camping, survival, fitness, photography, and nature with people that are new to it. I hope to motivate them to start enjoying some of the same things.

“I am not looking to brag to other outdoorsy types about how many miles I hiked, my last 30 day back packing trip, or a 7 day desert survival camp. In contrast, I want to find people who are looking to learn about camping so they can enjoy their first trip with their family. My goal is to help someone who hasn’t spent much time outdoors become comfortable, confident, and ready to explore. I want to motivate others to go outside, live healthy, and enjoy nature.”

I don’t think that it is right for us to be so reliant on others for basic survival. If you want to be ready for anything and ready to explore, you should be able to find water, build shelter, navigate, catch or grow food, and defend yourself.


Let’s Go!



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Bear Gallagher Cole

Bear Gallagher Cole

Professional Explorer, Writer, Photographer. at Exploring the Southwest
Howdy Explorers. I am Bear Gallagher Cole, the Wild West Explorer - I was Born & Raised in the Grand Canyon National Park and have been to the bottom over 100 times. I am a Certified Wilderness First Responder, ACE Personal Trainer, Web Professional, and Audio Engineer. I focus on getting people Outdoors, Healthy, and Motivated to enjoy every day they get. You can keep up with me @ and
Bear Gallagher Cole
- 6 years ago
Bear Gallagher Cole
Bear Gallagher Cole
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