YouTube Wild West Explorer Bear Gallagher Cole

YouTube Wild West Explorer Bear Gallagher Cole. Outdoor Adventure series sharing hiking, camping, kayaking, and other adventures with Bear Cole. Get tips for planning your next trip, hike, or camping trip. Get introduced to trails and areas where you can explore. Bear focuses on Weekend and Beginner Explorers who think they would enjoy spending more time outdoors. He doesn’t jump out of planes or hang from rock walls. Bear helps everyone become motivated to go outdoors and explore safely and efficiently.

What is the goal of Bear’s Wild West Explorer Video Series?

Scientific studies have proven that time walking or relaxing in a nature setting relieves anxiety, depression, ADHD and much more! Millions of people get their exercise running on treadmills like hamsters in a loud, distracting, and urbanized environment. Studies have shown that this same over urbanization causes health and mental issues in humans and other animal species.

Have you ever felt like yourself and/or your family need to spend more time outdoors?

The goal of the Wild West Explorer YouTube Video Series is to help motivate you, and give you the skills and tactics to make it happen. Whether it is a walk through the woods, a full Backpacking trip, or a weekend camping trip Bear will help you get prepared, and give you some great places to checkout around the American Southwest. Don’t live anywhere near the Southwest? No Worries, this video series will still give you the know how and motivation to live a more enjoyable lifestyle spending time Exploring Outdoors!

Bear Gallagher Cole

Bear Gallagher Cole

Professional Explorer, Writer, Photographer. at Exploring the Southwest
Howdy Explorers. I am Bear Gallagher Cole, the Wild West Explorer - I was Born & Raised in the Grand Canyon National Park and have been to the bottom over 100 times. I am a Certified Wilderness First Responder, ACE Personal Trainer, Web Professional, and Audio Engineer. I focus on getting people Outdoors, Healthy, and Motivated to enjoy every day they get. You can keep up with me @ and
Bear Gallagher Cole


Outdoors, Gear, Survival, Fitness. Tips for Exploring the Southwest region of the U.S. with Bear Gallagher Cole. Photography of the remaining Wild West
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Bear Gallagher Cole
Bear Gallagher Cole
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