New Extremes of the Outdoors Part 1

Lets take a look at the new extremes of the outdoors part 1. I love spending time in nature and exploring wild places. Having grown up in a National Park I feel like I have a unique view on the culture of the outdoors. Most would think the extremes of the outdoors have to do with Extreme Weather, Extreme Heights, Extreme White Water, or Extreme Wild Life. However, in our modern time this isn’t exactly the truth. Lets take a moment to examine the new extremes of the outdoors and maybe even find a way we can all live together in harmony.

Let’s Sum Up the Extremes Apparent in Nature Today

As a diligent and devoted observer of nature, I believe I have journaled some accurate profiles of today’s nature extremists. I took a very logical and scientific approach to notating and categorizing our subjects. If you read and find that you are one of these extremes, do not take offense, just read about the other extremes and try to find a better way to co-exist.

The New Age

New Age Outdoors

Here is a wonderful extreme to start with. As a native of Northern Arizona this extreme has been known to run rampant through red rock hills and cliffs blinding all that pass with new age crystals and brightly colored yoga pants.

How to Recognize This Extreme

Sniff the air in search of hints of patchouli or sage. If a burning scent of patchouli or sage is detected, you may want to cover your palms as they may be read from a distance. This extreme would have you believe that nature is best experienced in Teva Sandals, to which I must disagree. Hiking in desert areas, especially with sand in Teva’s is asking for Extreme Foot Annihilation!

This extreme has it right in the fact that nature is a spiritual place, where we naturally dwelled long before cities existed. Nature is a healing place where we can relieve our anxieties and stress. All of us could learn a respect for nature from these extremists.

However, this extreme is often Extremely judgmental forcing their ceremonious beliefs on all. God forbid you choose to enjoy nature for sport. This extreme is often forcing a Left Wing agenda into the wilderness, forgetting their inner zen, and just being darned right greedy.

Not judgmental you say? Well they have been known to judge the personality of all based solely on the day and month they were born.



Merica! This extreme would have you believe that nature is nothing more than an Extreme Sport. Extreme RV’s with Trailers reminiscent of grandiose land yachts bought completely on credit.

How to Recognize This Extreme

Sniff the air for Gasoline, Gun Powder, Hot Dogs, and Beer. The good thing about this extreme is that you will never be taken by surprise because you can always here them coming. They trample through the dirt road dotted wilderness like a strange clan of gypsies that were rejected from the latest Mad Max film. Often shooting at things for absolutely no reason. Explosives on a camping trip to them does not seem overboard at all.

The extreme known as “Merica!” is all about vehicles galore! I mean who can enjoy the outdoors without an RV, Dually, Jeep, Polaris, Boat, and 4 ATV’s. Thinking otherwise is just silly.

This extreme is right that the outdoors is fun. Riding dirt roads and shooting at cans is one of the draws to being outdoors away from society. We should be able to let it all out a bit, and enjoy the freedom of the wild.

This extreme is strangely reminiscent of the Frat Boys I lived near in college. “Merica!” is often but not always of questionable intelligence. They are all about decibels. Camping or hiking within a mile of them is as loud as the noise baby that would be born if Country Thunder and Coachella mated. I love to hunt, so I am all about enjoying an outdoor shooting session to train. However, just shooting automatic weapons at trees is slightly backwards.

The main danger of this extreme is that they often think they are the only one’s on the roadways, so drive slowly and carefully around any blind corners to avoid collisions.

The Ultra

The Ultra

This extreme would have you believe that nature is actually just a humungous obstacle course. They are training for a 100 mile trail run ultra and you need to get out of the way!

How to Recognize This Extreme

Sniff the air for burning tennis shoe rubber, Axe Sport body spray, and testosterone. Strangely many of the females will smell of testosterone as well. This extreme can be recognized easily by their Extremely over competitive nature. Often wandering trails and back country wilderness looking like strangely malnourished zombies. Their cocky nature while speaking, always injecting how many more miles they have done that day than you may make you feel like punching them in the face. DO NOT THROW THAT PUNCH! One of the biggest dangers of this extreme is their sharp protruding cheek and jaw bones.

This extreme has this right though: The Outdoors is the absolute best way to get in shape. I myself have run several Spartan Race’s, Mud Runs, and Trail Runs. There is nothing like training in the outdoors. No treadmill or fancy elliptical will ever match it. We should all take this page from their book.

This extreme shares a close cousin known as an extremist in the Fitness World “The Cross Fitter”. Their drive to succeed and be the best may just drive others off of the trail. If you meet this extreme deep in the wilderness do not run, they will obviously catch you. It is best to rub yourself in Candy Bars and hold fast food fries in front of your neck as it is the most susceptible body area. This unhealthy display should force them back into the wilderness.

The Conclusion to Part 1

Nature is an Extreme place. You will always be faced with one extreme or the other. Just keep in mind that we all have the right to enjoy nature in our own way. Please readers, as Wild West Explorers, I know that all of us will find a way to enjoy nature without disrespecting or pushing away others. I meditate from time to time. I love to ride ATV’s and Shoot Guns! I also use nature as a training ground to stay in shape and push myself to be stronger.

I just try not to be too Extreme about it!

That is the only thing I hope you can take away from my Outdoors Mentality. This concludes The New Extremes of the Outdoors Part 1. Part 2 will be coming soon.

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