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This is an update to this article – just to keep you guys up to date on recent changes. 

I previously had a survival site called 21st Survival but no longer exists. This is because all of my survival content and courses ( which were being built for this site) will now live here at This just makes it easier for you guys to keep up with me and my adventures, get outdoor motivation, and learn some survival techniques without having to look far. I hope this change makes things easier for you, and you enjoy all of the new Survival Based content which will be coming soon!!!!


Bear Gallagher Cole Helps You Prepare and Survive in Modern Times

21st Century Survival Tips and What They Mean to You. What is 21st Century Survival all about?  It’s all about diversity of skills and knowledge. Being an expert in primitive survival techniques won’t save your life in many circumstances. Understanding how to use your GPS will only save you part of the time. Knowing how to do both just might save your life when things take a turn for the worse.

At Bear Gallagher Cole shares a diverse list of skills, gear, and tactics that might save your life in a disaster, or might just make everyday life more efficient. Surviving is the key, but enjoying your survival is important as well.

Anyone that has read any of my content or visited any of the sites I write for knows that I’m all about the middle ground. When it comes to the outdoors I like to experience it for the purposes of getting in touch with my primitive self, and the complexities and simplicity of nature. I am not big on hanging from cliffs, and you won’t find me often out in the woods without a lighter. I feel it is important to be ready for the worst, so I have trained myself how to start a fire without a lighter or fire starter, but I’m not out in the woods acting macho and rubbing sticks together.

The same goes for 21st Century Survival Tactics. You have to find the middle ground. When it comes to survival, if all you know how to do is shoot a gun, you probably won’t last long. On the other end of the spectrum, if you know what leaves to eat, but have no self defense skills, you won’t last long in many survival situations either. You have to diversify. You have to own a skill set that involves rocks and apps. You need to be fluent in horticulture and car care. The more skills you have, the more emergencies you are prepared for.

Remember, you never get to pick the situation you need to survive.

Plenty of us are obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse. As awesome as it would be to skull stab zombies with a metal stake all day, the more likely survival situation is your car breaking d0wn on a hot or cold day. If you have knowledge for keeping your body temperature regulated in the heat or extreme cold, you can put down the stake and get to staying alive.

Come visit me at and get advise on surviving a diverse array of situations, that just might happen. Remember, you never know, but when it happens and you’re prepared you will appreciate diverse and efficient knowledge.

Visit Now to get great tips and tactics for surviving the 21st Century from Bear Gallagher Cole. Survive a Disaster, the Wilderness, and Every Day Life.

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