Marmot Kompressor Plus Day Pack Review

Main Pros

Light Weight

Main Cons



  • Perfect for Lightweight Day Hiking
  • Pack Stuffs Into Lid
  • Hydration Port and Clip for Hanging Reservoir
  • Removable Closed-cell Foam Back Sheet
  • Tool/Trekking Pole Attachment
  • Airmesh Shoulder Straps
  • Airmesh Back Panel
  • Full Body, Lightweight Compression Straps
  • Daisy Chains
  • Sternum Strap
  • Durability Without the Weight
  • Highly Compressible

I recently purchased two Marmot Kompressor Plus back packs for my wife and I. I am very impressed by the bags, as is my wife, so I figured I would give you guys the run down in this Day Pack Review.

As far as Light Weight bags go, the added functionality of this bag makes it hard to beat. The price point is decent as well.



    70d 210T 100% Nylon Ripstop


    135d 100% Polyester


    210d 100% Nylon Double Ripstop


    0lbs 13.05oz (370g)


    1220ci » 20 liters


    16″ to 20″ | (41 to 51cm)

Why We Bought the Marmot Kompressor Plus

Sure we have done some thru-hikes and long distance adventures. Sure sometimes we need to pack enough gear for days or weeks. However, truth is, usually we don’t. Many of our outdoors adventures as a family take place as quickly as possible the second we know we have enough time to make it happen. We have a busy schedule, and like to be able to grab the bags, throw them in the jeep with the dogs, and hit the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When we head out on an adventure, whether it is hiking, camping, geocaching, shooting, spelunking, off roading, photography, fishing, hunting, or just a walk in the woods the first thing all of us grab is a back pack. Most of these adventures are day trips. The kind of trip where you need a bag to hold your water, a little first aid kit, some snacks, and maybe a layer of clothes. Nothing too expansive.

We have found that many of our Wild West Exploring Adventures are this way. To be honest, many times I don’t even need to wear my bag for long. The point is that it is functional and holds the things I know I need or might need.

These trips, the quick out the door, get in some outdoors trips, are the ones we bought the Marmot Kompressor Plus Backpack for.

Let’s Talk About the Marmot Kompressor Plus

As you can see in the video, this bag is lightweight, packable, and functional. The light weight material is almost exactly what you will find on most Light Weight Back Packing tents. This makes it strong enough to get the job done, but the reason that I give low scores for Durability is I can see myself puncturing or ripping the bag easily. All it would take would be a low hanging thorn bush or me forgetting I left my Buck Knife in the bag for the bag to puncture.

For the weight however, the bags durability is good. If you asked my wife right now she would tell you I have a habit of overloading bags, and I have test the Kompressor Plus with some nearly seam busting loads and it has held up.

Let’s Talk About Functionality

This bag is Light Weight and Packable! There is no doubt, as I explained previously that this bag is perfect for quick on the go day trips. That is not why I give such high reviews. Quite honestly I have plenty of usable dap packs. Here is the reason the Marmot Kompressor Plus gets such a high rating in this Day Pack Review for me. I am going to use a scenario for one of my recent Back Packing trips to explain.

I packed up the big bag. Over 60 lbs. of gear. Tent, Water Purifier, Clothing, Food, all packed into my main bag. We all know when you are Back Packing every ounce counts. Well weighing in at 0lbs 13.05oz (370g) the Marmot Kompressor Plus isn’t gonna break your back. The back pack folds up into the hood making it a small packable size.

I headed out on the trail to do a 4 day trip. The trip would be two days of hiking, and two days of exploring and photographing. I reached a great spot and made my first camp. The second day was set to be an adventure day, meaning I was going to leave camp setup and go out and explore for the day taking photos. No reason to lug around my huge Back Packing pack on this Day Trip. I already had to take my over the shoulder camera bag with me. Most Day Packs would still be too much weight and size to be worth carrying along with all my other gear. However, I brought the Kompressor Plus!

I just rolled the bag out of the lid. Packed it up with snacks, a first aid kit, some water, and a little photography gear and I was off. I had a great light weight Day Pack that held everything I needed for the day. This was the second I realized the actual Functionality of this Day Pack. It can make a great bag for day trips, but it is also amazing for travel. My wife travels for business often and packed up hers on her last trip to San Francisco. It was a perfect bag to run around town, and when she didn’t need it, the pack could fold up small enough to fit in her purse.

Marmot Kompressor Plus Backpack Marmot Kompressor Plus Backpack

FEATURES of the Marmot Kompressor Plus Backpack Perfect for Lightwieght Day Hiking Pack Stuffs Into Lid Hydration Port and Clip for Hanging Reservoir Removable Closed-cell Foam Back Sheet Tool/Trekking Pole Attachment Removable Webbing Waist Belt Airmesh Shoulder Straps Airmesh Back Panel Full Body – Lightweight Compression Straps Daisy Chains Sternum Strap Durability Without the Weight Highly Compressible

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