“Becoming Primitive” is a school of thought and training program created by Bear Gallagher Cole the Wild West Explorer. It involves elements of Survivalism, Outdoors and Wilderness Survival, Preparation, Technology, and just good old school thinking. This training and information is not geared towards hardcore survivalists or Outdoorsmen.  Bear Cole’s “Becoming Primitive” is for people […]

The Basics Because the moon has no light of its own, we can only see it when it reflects the sun’s light. As it orbits the earth on its 28-day circuit, the shape of the reflected light varies according to its position. We say there is a new moon or no moon when it is […]

21st Century Survival Tips and What They Mean to You. What is 21st Century Survival all about?  It’s all about diversity of skills and knowledge. Being an expert in primitive survival techniques won’t save your life in many circumstances. Understanding how to use your GPS will only save you part of the time. Knowing how […]