21st Century Survival Tips and What They Mean to You. What is 21st Century Survival all about?  It’s all about diversity of skills and knowledge. Being an expert in primitive survival techniques won’t save your life in many circumstances. Understanding how to use your GPS will only save you part of the time. Knowing how […]

I grew up to be an explorer, but that doesn’t mean I knew it at first. I was born & raised in the Grand Canyon National Park. This wonder of the world was my backyard and I have been to the bottom over 100 times. As a matter of fact my first time to the […]

Get a little more personal with Bear Gallagher Cole the Wild West Explorer. Many of you are already familiar with my other work. My writing for ExploringtheSouthwest.com, my photography @WildWestExplorer, my 21st Century Survival Tips at 21stSurvival.com. All of these adventure sites are amazing, and allow me to share what I love most – The […]