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I am an outdoorsy guy. I spend huge amounts of time outdoors exploring and adventuring.

I also like to prepare myself for the worst, just in case. I love to learn, and use my vast array of skills to motivate other people to get outside.
As I read around the internet, I noticed that there was a gap in outdoors websites and blogs. Most of them are focused around Outdoor Experts, and not usually beginners. Also, many of them are aimed either at the adrenaline junkies, the yoga hippies, or the gun nuts. No offense to you if you identify as one of those groups.

I love spending time outdoors, and challenge myself physically. However, to be honest, you are more likely to find me running up a trail than pulling myself up a steep faced cliff. You are more likely to find me taking pictures of flowers than mountaineering dangerous peaks.

I love to hunt and fish, but I also love preserving the spiritual beauty of the outdoors. So I decided it is my turn to create an outdoor brand and site that motivates others to explore and enjoy the outdoors just like me. To preserve our natural places as stewards of leave no trace, but also use them to get in touch with their primitive roots as a tool to survive.

I can’t wait to help you get prepared for anything that comes your way!

Here is a breakdown of the sections of the site.

  • Go Outside: This is where you will get information about the outdoors mentality, and humorous opinions on the outdoor culture.
  • Explore: This is where you can keep up with my adventures, and information on hiking, camping, off roading, kayaking, and ways for even beginners to become seasoned explorers. You can use photography and video of my adventures, and information to help you get out there and experience places that will change your life forever.
  • Gear Up: Get reviews and recommendations about outdoor, surival, and fitness gear. Find out when it is okay to hack a piece of gear to save money, and when you should invest some money. I want you to explore affordably, but also make sure you have the gear you need. In the Gear Up section I will also share some of the camera, audio, and multimedia gear I use to capture my adventures.
  • Survival Academy: Survival tips and tutorials. Get prepared for anything and build a short term and long term survival plan. A survival plan focused on diverse knowledge and skill sets.
  • Survival Fitness: The Survival Academy helps you prepare your mind, plan, and supplies. However, in the case of any emergency or disaster you will need to be prepared physically. Follow a fun fitness regimen that will prepare you physically for anything. You can also use these fun workouts as supplements to your current program to help you build well rounded strength, endurance, and fitness. Contact Bear and he will build a customized fitness program just for you.

This Is All Done For You

Maybe we already share the same hobbies and outdoor mentality. Awesome, I hope you learn something new, and share your adventures with me too!

Maybe you have never spent much time outdoors, but you think hiking or camping sounds really  fun! Great, please ask questions if you have them.

Maybe you just want to feel like you are more prepared mentally or physically in case SHTF. Remember, survival is all about diversifying your skills and thinking ahead. I hope I can help you prepare.

This site is all done for you guys. Please leave comments, contact me with questions, and share your adventures if you are an explorer, or even on your first overnight back packing trip. Lets create a community of people that love exploring the outdoors, and staying prepared, happy, and healthy!

Bear Gallagher Cole Wild West Explorer



I am Bear Gallagher Cole,

the Wild West Explorer

I Hike, I Drive, I Explore, I take photos, and I write. I want to help other people do the same safely. I get to write about my favorite hobbies, and help others to be successful and learn from my screw ups.

I have many websites, but you can see the main one’s here on this page. You can also get a list of blog posts from my other sites, social feeds from my accounts, and see what I am exploring Right Now!

I was born and raised in the Grand Canyon National Park. I have been to the bottom over 100 times, with my first time being 6 weeks old. I grew up hiking, riding rivers, and camping. I left the Grand Canyon and had a successful career in music, audio, and web design and development. I just wasn’t fulfilled. I left my well paying job as a Supervisor for a large Tech Company, moved back up to Northern Arizona near Flagstaff and the Canyon and immersed myself in the outdoors again.

It was almost like I could hear the Grand Canyon calling my name.

Now I explore as much as possible, and share my knowledge of the Outdoors and the American Southwest in particular with anyone who wants to learn. I am not all about the craziest hikes and most dangerous trips. I am about enjoying the outdoors, being prepared, getting in good healthy functional shape, and living life to the fullest.

Spending time outdoors reminds us that we don’t control everything, and sometimes we have to learn to work with the earth and mother nature, instead of working against them ~Bear Gallagher Cole

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Bear Gallagher Cole

Bear Gallagher Cole

Professional Explorer, Writer, Photographer. at Exploring the Southwest
Howdy Explorers. I am Bear Gallagher Cole, the Wild West Explorer - I was Born & Raised in the Grand Canyon National Park and have been to the bottom over 100 times. I am a Certified Wilderness First Responder, ACE Personal Trainer, Web Professional, and Audio Engineer. I focus on getting people Outdoors, Healthy, and Motivated to enjoy every day they get. You can keep up with me @ WildWestExplorer.com and BearCole.com.
Bear Gallagher Cole
- 6 years ago
Bear Gallagher Cole
Bear Gallagher Cole
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